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Astrology of Aam Aadmi party-Promises of Game changing politics

                             Horoscope chart of Aam AAdmi Party (to be uploaded later)

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Future of Aam Aadmi Party of Arvind Kejriwal and Team -first astrology based impressions and predictions

Remember what Apple iPhone did for the Mobile smartphone market? effects are still unfolding and no one has quite caught up with the leader- pioneer-effects of aam aadmi party on politics on this country may be similar-Watch the effects of competition creating political product called Aam Aadmi party on political landscape in years to come

It is debatable what date  and time should  be chosen  for creating birth chart of AAM AADMI party –date on which it was launched for public, registration date, or day of first announcement of intent.We chose first as it took birth for public view, scrutiny
-something similar to birth of child-its date of birth is its day or arrival on earth, not date of registration nor dte 
 Or date of conception.

Hence we have based  Birth Chart of AAm Aadmi party launched by Arvind Kejriwal and team   on date of November 26.2012 and time 11 am

Quick Review of Features and possibilities

1 Success in political Endeavour is driven primarily by Saturn and Sun.Success also depends on planets in quadrants namely-1,4,7,10 houses-AAP party is displaying strong features and possibilities onthis and several other accounts

2.No chart is free from defect and almost every  positive feature has a negative side and vice versa- otherwise person need be born on earth.But we will focus on positives of this new launched party

3.AAMAADMI party is running mahadasha of Venus-Venus-lords of fifth and tenth houses placed in 10 house-another great positive
Major dasha with changing sub dashas will run for next 20 years.Thus Venus Venus wil be followed by Venus-Ketu Venus  Mars and so on of about 2-3 years each

4.Ascendent of party is Capricorn known for steadfastness, perseverance which will go well with party’s challenging agenda

5..Most powerful and promising feature of horoscope is placement of Exalted Saturn in 10 house of  Libra with Mercry,Venus-making for powerful and constant commitment for justice,using new & appealing and unrelenting fight for justice for masses
This also ensures huge success since 7 lord moon is in 4th house. Party will reach out to public with logic and emotional appeal

6Party will taste its first success-grand success confounding all political cynics with their astounding successits in delhi elections 2013.it remains to be seem if delhi elections may be called with general elections in 2013 itself

7 partys main source of funding will remain foreign-NRIS,foreign rganzations and AAM AADMI must work to create internal crowd based funding so it is not dependent on any major source for funding nor accused

8AAP must be careful in land deals including that of its office bearers

9All in all great success awaits for this Aam AAdmi driven party of team of arvind kejriwal because both planetary configurations of birth chart and dashas at present and for next several years and transits overwhelmingly favour success.

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